Rhodiola Rosea: My Other Secret Weapon

rhodiola rosea

I recently posted a quick article on ashwagandha, the potent anxiolytic and adaptogen, which I highly suggest. The only other compound which rivals its potency and effects is Rhodiola Rosea. Unlike ashwagandha which can be slightly sedating, Rhodiola Rosea has potent energetic effects.

These two adaptogens are similar in potency, but are two different sides of the spectrum as far as effects. Although rhodiola rosea can provoke anxiety in high dosages, it can also dramatically increase energy, focus, reduce fatigue and improve mood through altering levels of serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain.

If you tend towards anxiety, I suggest you start with a low dosage, as some can find their anxiety provoked, while others may find it helps their anxiety. Every individual is different.

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Kratom and Sleeping Cycles

sleep and kratom


Something that not many people talk about is sleep and kratom, no, I’m not talking about insomnia, I’m talking about sleep patterns and required sleep for kratom users.

After talking to many users about how their sleep patterns have changed from kratom, I noticed that those who were dosing too high for their needs required extra sleep in the night, when they lowered their kratom dosage, their sleep went back to normal levels. While I’m not sure what the reason for this is, it may be that too much kratom in the body before sleeping can interfere with REM cycles, like many other medicinal compounds.

If you are requiring more sleep, it may be a sign you should lower your kratom dosage.

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A Few Key Benefits of Kratom

benefits of kratom


I’ll jump straight to the point and start by saying that the benefits of kratom are immense for some individuals, and less for others. Each person is going to receive kratom differently depending upon their own individual makeup and situation in life, and additionally, each kratom strain may effect different individuals differently as well. For this reason, I’ll give you a broad idea of the benefits of kratom and add some additional information on who can benefit most and what strains may be ideal for particular effects.

The Benefits of Kratom

  1. The first benefit that seems to have to most impact for individuals is pain relief. The pain relief capability of kratom rivals that of many prescription pain medications, and is much more gentle and less addictive in effect. While almost all kratom strains contain some measure of pain relief ability, the most notable in this category are Bali, Maeng Da, Borneo and Indo strains. Within these strains, red veins tend to be the most effective. It should be noted, that all of these with the exception of maeng da are quite sedating.


  1. The second most common effect that many users are looking for is either to ease withdrawal symptoms resulting from addictions of various kinds, as well as using this plant to get off of these substances entirely. The strains you will want to use for this purpose are basically identical to those you would use for pain relief, however, some may not respond well to maeng da if they are in the midst of withdrawal due to its stimulating effects.


  1. Although it isn’t as commonly advertised, some strains of kratom can dramatically improve energy levels. In addition to energy, many report increased endurance and focus. The strains best for this purpose are maeng da and thai. However, many other strains can be effective, especially those that are white vein. Unlike caffeine, the energy from kratom tends to be much less physically harsh or jittery.


  1. A common reason that kratom is used is simply for its euphoric effects. The most euphoric strain overall tends to be maeng da, the more sedating strains can also be highly euphoric. Each individual tends to have a different response as far as strains, so it can vary.


  1. Another commonly sought effect is relaxation. The best strains for this purpose are Bali, Borneo and Indo. After a long day, these strains can’t be beat, and they pack quite a punch, especially those who are suffering from stress or anxiety of any kind. As this article states, many have found white vein strains even effective for symptoms of depression.


Although kratom has a massive variety of benefits not listed, these are by far the most common reasons why kratom is sought, and cover 90 percent of the readers that would stumble upon this post at minimum.

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What Yellow Vein Kratom Really is

I’ve heard a lot of debate about what kratom vendors are calling “yellow kratom”. I was curious, so I spoke to my supplier and this is general information about what yellow kratom really is.

Most yellow kratom, I was told, is actually kratom that has been fermented, similar to some types of green tea. The result of this, is that some alkaloids are oxidized, changing the effects profile.

Other yellow kratom strains, are so called because they happen to have a vein that is yellow tinted in color. These strains will more resemble the effects of white vein kratom. This is not uncommon among kratom strains, and some label it as yellow kratom.

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Why White Vein Borneo is Awesome

white vein borneo

Of all the strains that I’ve tried recently, one of my favorites has been white vein borneo. Under normal conditions, I would never have expected this strain to be my favorite, because I typically don’t respond well to white vein strains.

For those who are interested in this strain, I experienced a few notable effects. The most prominent effect was a general light-heartedness and happiness, it felt extremely natural unlike the more sedating strains, which you can tell it is definitely the kratom effecting you. This, on the other hand, felt like being just naturally very happy, and that is something that I really enjoyed.

Although the painkilling effects weren’t as prominent as a red vein of the same type, I was still quite impressed. I remained pain-free for about 3 hours. As far as energy was concerned, I was definitely energized, equivalent to a strong cup of coffee, but I wasn’t in any way forced to be energetic, if you catch my drift, similar to the effect I get when I take tyrosine.

If you haven’t tried WVB, just do it.

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Some Tips on Buying Kratom

buy kratom online


The process of looking for a quality kratom vendor to buy from doesn’t have to be a pain. I know there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different vendors out there, and in my experience, only 10 percent of them are worth buying from, and of these 10%, perhaps only 50% of the strains will be ideal for you. Looking at these numbers, it seems like a pain to find a good vendor, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few tips that will help you buy kratom in an intelligent and effective manner that I have learned over my experience with kratom, and I hope they’re helpful to you.

What Product?

There are all different types of kratom products out there, kratom powder, regular kratom extracts, enhanced leaf, tinctures and more. This can be pretty overwhelming for a first time user. Before buying, the first thing you should do is to find out what would be best for you.

If you’re a new kratom user, I always suggest going with a plain leaf first. The best form of plain leaf is powder, as it is easily put into big 00 capsules for easy use, or made into tea with near full absorption. If you’ve been around the block and have tried plenty of kratom powder, go ahead and try extracts. However, it should be noted that there are a lot more low quality extracts than there are high quality extracts, so be sure to do due diligence prior.

What Strain?

Of all factors, finding the right strain is important. It should be noted that the strains of the same type from different vendors can vary in potency, however, maeng da tends to stay at a relatively high quality through a variety of different vendors. For new users, I suggest trying maeng da first for this reason. If you’ve experienced a strain you enjoy from a particular vendor, go ahead and try it from a different vendor.

Due Diligence

The most important part of finding a good kratom vendor is doing some homework. There are plenty of sources which are unbiased that can help you find who the most popular and reputable vendors are at the moment.


In order to find a great vendor, you’ll have to do some testing. When testing with new, however, it is a good idea to buy kratom in small quantities. Often if you can buy kratom from a vendor like http://ensobotanicals.com, they will happily offer samples along with any order you purchase, which can help you make testing a lot easier.

By taking into account all of these factors, it will make it a lot easier to find a place to buy kratom from.

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Ashwagandha: My Secret Weapon

ashwagandaOf all the different herbs that one can utilize for health or well-being, one of the most commonly overlooked is ashwagandha. Ashwagandha has been used for years in Indian Ayurveda, and recent research has found it to be one of the most potent adaptogens available.

Adaptogen Effects

The effect of an adaptogen is the enable you to better deal with stress. By handling stress better, you will be less stressed overall, and stress will not cause the same negative effects and spiral out of control. After a few weeks of use, you will notice you have much more energy and motivation than usual.


Another great property of ashwagandha is that it has been shown to reduce anxiety, and even depression, to an extent. Unlike the adaptogenic effects, these effects are often seen quite quickly and build up over a period of time.

As research shows, Ashwagandha is one of the most effective herbs available for healthy living, and I wouldn’t do without it.

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Don’t Overlook Green Vein Kratom

green vein kratomOf all the different kratom vein types, it seem that green vein is often neglected. Because red veins tend to be the most euphoric and painkilling properties, and white veins tend to be the most stimulating, green vein strains are often overlooked as being mediocre. This is far from the truth. Green veins excel in several areas, such as:


Of all kratom strains, green vein strains tend to last the longest. A good green vein can last users without a tolerance up to 8 hours. This length is huge for those who are dealing with a condition like chronic pain and don’t want to have to re-dose every few hours.

Middle Road

Like Buddhism, green vein kratom is middle way. Although it’s not highly energetic or sedative, it is fantastic for regular kratom users. Once you find a good green vein, you won’t want to go back.

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