Don’t Overlook Green Vein Kratom

green vein kratomOf all the different kratom vein types, it seem that green vein is often neglected. Because red veins tend to be the most euphoric and painkilling properties, and white veins tend to be the most stimulating, green vein strains are often overlooked as being mediocre. This is far from the truth. Green veins excel in several areas, such as:


Of all kratom strains, green vein strains tend to last the longest. A good green vein can last users without a tolerance up to 8 hours. This length is huge for those who are dealing with a condition like chronic pain and don’t want to have to re-dose every few hours.

Middle Road

Like Buddhism, green vein kratom is middle way. Although it’s not highly energetic or sedative, it is fantastic for regular kratom users. Once you find a good green vein, you won’t want to go back.

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