Why White Vein Borneo is Awesome

white vein borneo

Of all the strains that I’ve tried recently, one of my favorites has been white vein borneo. Under normal conditions, I would never have expected this strain to be my favorite, because I typically don’t respond well to white vein strains.

For those who are interested in this strain, I experienced a few notable effects. The most prominent effect was a general light-heartedness and happiness, it felt extremely natural unlike the more sedating strains, which you can tell it is definitely the kratom effecting you. This, on the other hand, felt like being just naturally very happy, and that is something that I really enjoyed.

Although the painkilling effects weren’t as prominent as a red vein of the same type, I was still quite impressed. I remained pain-free for about 3 hours. As far as energy was concerned, I was definitely energized, equivalent to a strong cup of coffee, but I wasn’t in any way forced to be energetic, if you catch my drift, similar to the effect I get when I take tyrosine.

If you haven’t tried WVB, just do it.

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