The best films of 2017 set the bar higher for films scheduled to be released this 2018. There were so many great movies to choose from last year. It was a difficult decision to narrow down which films consistently stood out the most. Films not included in this list do not necessarily mean lacked the qualities necessary. In fact, there were so many names to choose from that it was necessary to keep things short and online reader friendly.

La La Land
A film directed by Damien Chazelle, La La Land earned him Oscar’s Award for Best Director. The movie deserved all the positive attention it got from critics. Its main casts, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling created a perfect chemistry for the film. As a romantic and musical film, La La Land presents a slice of life and relatable depth.

Wonder Woman (2017)
There’s always a superhero film included in any year’s top film list. The portrayal of the heroine, Wonder Woman has gone through several takes over the years. The screenplay for Wonder Woman endured several revisions before it became what it is today.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Pictures stepped up their production efforts to bring us this award-winning film. Gal Gadot’s appearance in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice gave mixed feelings about how the film would turn. Fortunately, the film delivered what the fans wanted to see.

The Shape of Water
Guillermo Del Torro Gomez’s latest film made another testament of his fascination for dark fantasy. The Shape of Water takes place in a fiction Cold War universe where romance was built between a merman and woman. If that introductory sentence made you raise an eyebrow for interest, wait till you see what this couple’s love story could leave you with. This film earned Guillermo several awards including an Academy Award for Best Picture.

John Wick: Chapter 2
Fans of the first chapter were not disappointed with this follow-up film. John Wick: Chapter 2 never fell short of the intensity it delivered in the first film. This action-packed film managed to sustain its intensity and audience interest with the right level of violence and well-choreographed fight scenes.

Get Out
An unsettling film. Get Out was directed by Jordan Peele better known for his comedy films. His recent take on creating horror films paved the hype for this movie. Get Out features an interracial relationship and the racism that comes along with it. The black protagonist, Chris Washington sets on a journey to visit Rose’s parents.

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Nothing unusual about this opening until the audience is introduced to strange behaviors and events surrounding his girlfriend’s family social circle. Get Out keeps the audience anticipating the possible horrors tied to everything about the community.

It is obvious that there are plenty more films released in 2017 not mentioned in this list. These are the ones that consistently stood out from various movie reviews and for a good reason. Looking forward to what 2018 has in store for us movie enthusiasts.

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