Exotic Spotlight – Czech Republic

In the majority of the European regions, prices have been a concern for most people since the cost of almost everything is doubled from their usual cost. But with the advancement and modernization of not only Europe, but the entire world, there have been only very few places that still have their values that are left untouched.

Czech Republic is an ancient kingdom that blossomed in the central regions of Europe. The country is surrounded by four other major countries. In the north lies Poland, in the east lies Slovakia, in the west lies Germany, and in the south lies Austria. Its capital and largest city, Prague, bears an approximate of 1.3 million people as locals.

It has a continental climate – a hot summer season, and cold, snowy winter seasons. January, February, and December are considered as the coldest months in the country because of the snowfall. March, April, and May, on the other hand, are considered as the hottest months of Czech Republic as the temperature rises during these times. Rainfall is common during the summer season with sporadic rainfall spread throughout the year. Stronger, focused rainfall is usually noted during the months of May to August.

Over the course of the decade, the population in Czech Republic has grown to more than 10 million inhabitants. Tourism brings about a significant amount of revenue for the country as many tourists travel in Czech Republic, particularly in Prague. This is probably because of the generally safe condition of the capital and the low crime rate. Because of this, even the nightlife of Prague boasts a high acceptance because of the safety of the city.


Czech Republic contains a sophisticated and peaceful atmosphere, both in the city and in the countryside. Within the city, you can visit a number of historical institutions like the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Kutna Hora, and the Lednice. Travelling the countryside, popular destinations include hills, national parks, caves, and castles that are left mostly untouched by human hands to keep their historical value. Skiing resorts are also found in the northeast to northwest regions of Czech Republic. Moravia is also a sight to see for wine-lovers as it has about 94% of Czech Republic’s vineyards.

If you’re planning to go somewhere relaxing and serene, look none other than Czech Republic. It’s a beautiful place to spend time and find a piece of leisure without the extremes that other places bring. Load more