Exotic Spotlight – Indonesia

Choosing a great vacation destination has become a dilemma for travelers nowadays. Going to the beach, to the mountains or anywhere abroad with a similar feeling has become old and boring for most people. But there are certain places in the globe where you can experience a vacation you’ll probably remember as worthwhile and exciting.

Being one of the most striking and diverse countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a popular destination among travelers. It sits along several lines of volcanoes, being positioned by the Pacific Ring of Fire. Indonesia has at least 150 active volcanoes currently. Being a Southeast Asian country, Indonesia possesses a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons. The annual rainfall has an average of 70 to 125 inches and can reach 240 inches in the mountainous areas, maintaining a high humidity percentage. Indonesia is considered as the 15th largest country when it comes to terrain area while it is considered as the 7th largest country in terms of both land and sea areas.

Indonesia’s tourism counts as one of the most important aspects of its economy and foreign exchange. Tourists that come to Indonesia come from different countries. These include Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, the United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Thailand, India, South Korea, and a lot more countries coming to visit and spend their time in the archipelago of Indonesia.


Indonesia is popular because of the number of attractions it offers to tourists. The preserved ecosystem of Indonesia is certainly a sight to see for anyone visiting the country. Surfing and diving have also been a top attraction for both locals and tourists alike because of the beauty of Indonesia’s marine life. Indonesia’s national parks are also an attraction due to the number of exotic animals to see, especially the rare and fierce Komodo Dragon.

If you’re planning a vacation towards somewhere tropical, Indonesia is certainly a place where you can have an exhilarating and memorable time. Click here for more